Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yamaha V-Ixion modified-so muscular and Stump

This post about Yamaha V-Ixion modified-so muscular and Stump - Yamaha V-Ixion modified-so muscular and Stump-Although already less productive, but in modifying the motor, the work of Ali Aming Residents still be taken into account and make wide-eyed. Look at the result of skilful hands on a Yamaha V-Ixion muscle scented this streetfighter-style bike. Very easy to incorporate that aesthetic.

Here Aming need to draw on and refine the beginning of aesthetic customized bodywork combined model moge Yamaha TZ125 Yamaha R6, even minimalist. "We need to change the chassis on the main frame TZ125-style camouflage," said the builder. As for the sub frame is directed to the R6 Aming.

As an adjustment, swing arm dimensions and use Italian products. Preferred Aming, Aprilia 250 Diablo. While the system is already changed back tomorrow so Ohlins mono wear brand.

From here the form has started to appear. To thicken the streetfighter, so that T the top and bottom so broadly adopted from Suzuki GSX600 complete with upside down tomorrow.

Aming desired concept already can and live to play detail. "Do not let the typical LM (Laksa Motor) is missing, then the input of the LM's started," said the builder who can not be separated from Laksa Motor modifications.

See shell is a typical headlamp bulbs from the LM to sustain FZ1000 original. Consideration, the concept was going to close streetfighter inflated batoknya design. Moreover, the legs are muscular with Honda CBR600 rim wear six bars for front and rear.

Other LM typical design, shown in the top engine cover and the back seat of a tiny single-seater model. impression of modern and futuristic look at the speedometer Koso digital model, then exhaust wearing homemade silincer Akropovis oval titanium-carbon model, combined footrests from Yoshimura. Master rear brake calipers plus Nisisin picked from Honda CBR400 Fireblade, while Nissin front of CBR1000 Fireblade.

Yamaha V-Ixion modified-so muscular and Stump
Aming here do not want to eliminate the total characteristics of Yamaha V-Ixion. Like standard Sein lights remain in use. The result, this Hansye owned motor is called Naked Streetfighter deserve. (Yuli Haryadi)

Data modification
  • Front rim: Cross 6 CBR600
  • Front tires: Michelin 120/60-17
  • Rim :6-17-inch rear
  • Rear tire: 160/60-17 Michelin
  • Sepatbor front: Cagiva Multi Strada
  • Chain: Type 520 goldEngine cover: Laksa Motor
  • Cat: Blue Spice Heckere Front Lights / back: FZ1000 and Yamaha R6
Yamaha V-Ixion modified-so muscular and Stump

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