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Modifying Honda Become R6 Streetfighter

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Honda Tiger to R6 Streetfighter
Modifying Honda Become R6 Streetfighter-After the vacuum for a year, Custom Auto Rexindo (RAC) reappeared on the scene modification motorcycle. Home modifications from Yogyakarta shows his work through Arfan's Honda Tiger  of Bradford (Central Java) is transformed into a Yamaha R6 streetfighter model.

Modifying Honda Become R6 Streetfighter
Here goalie RAC Rizal wanted to demonstrate the perfection of detail and finishing. However, typical of RAC which has been known by many people, the use of custom goods, according to Rizal whose undergraduate Mechanical Engineering was retained.

During this time, each modifying the RAC, he often uses a galvanized plate. Honda Tiger on this one, said Rizal, was still evident, as in the tank, swing arm (swing arm), sepatbor, and fairing.

To arm swing was wearing an iron plate as a main ingredient and strengthened, galvanized plate again with a bandage. For the home front and rear lamps made from fiberglass. However, behind the special, special material, ie fiber-red liquid.

"With this liquid material will be easy to print the desired result. In addition, it is also safe for your health than ordinary fiber," explained modifier which is located at Jl Wahid Hashim No. 212, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta.
Modifying Honda Become R6 Streetfighter
Sein lights picked from Honda Supra X 125. Rizal deliberate use of local products so that, if broken, easily replaced. Views motor added gahar Yoshimura exhaust combined with the use of dual disc brakes in front, reinforcing the impression a true streetfighter.

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