Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yamaha V-Ixion Modified for Distance Touring

This post about Yamaha V-Ixion Modified for Distance Touring - Describe the ideal bike for long distance touring invited? Here, incidentally Dede Ridwan is preparing for Yamaha V-Ixion Motorcycle to realize his ambitions on a long journey. The route was not absurdly responsibilities far, the start of Sabang, and finish in Merauke. Inevitably, the standard motor with a sports emblem garputala this type should be changed to a style of touring.

Motor modifications home were submitted to Tauco Custom (TC). Standard front and rear suspension is retained because, according to Topo Goedhel Atmojo of the TC, the owner of the motor are not confident at shockbreaker waste. However, the swing arm must be reformed in order to use the tire size that is wider than just the standard 110.

Finally, the swing-arm in the standard V-Ixion-custom and tire size of 140 re-entry. This new swing arm, in addition to more broadly, also appear to be robust because of large dimensions.

To get pleasure during touring, riding position is very decisive. Hence, in addition to the re-custom, seat design is also made in accordance with the posture of the rider. In fact, the curve was made deep enough to hold the function of the rider's ass.

Indeed, this alteration makes the motor so impressed sporty and make the passenger seating position is too high. However, the plan, Dede doing touring alone.

Other changes appear on the handlebars. Here, Topo adopt the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. So did the rear lights. If during these modifiers are many chose Bajaj Pulsar, TC dropped the option on the property Bajaj XCD 125. "This is because match the design of the tail pointing upwards," said Topo that replace the standard exhaust with the work of the design.

source: motorplus

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