Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Motorcycle Modifications: Yamaha V-Ixion Dreamed Pain CBR 1100 R

The modifier Wardoyo from Dave Motor Concept (DMC) was forced to think and work hard to accept the challenge of M. Safari, owner of the Yamaha V-Ixion. Section, which had a mount motors have changed so moge model, but it's not like the Yamaha R1 or R6 FZF.

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Yamaha V-Ixion modified-so muscular and Stump

Yamaha V-Ixion modified-so muscular and Stump-Although already less productive, but in modifying the motor, the work of Ali Aming Residents still be taken into account and make wide-eyed. Look at the result of skilful hands on a Yamaha V-Ixion muscle scented this streetfighter-style bike. Very easy to incorporate that aesthetic.

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Yamaha V-Ixion Modified for Distance Touring

Describe the ideal bike for long distance touring invited? Here, incidentally Dede Ridwan is preparing for Yamaha V-Ixion Motorcycle to realize his ambitions on a long journey. The route was not absurdly responsibilities far, the start of Sabang, and finish in Merauke. Inevitably, the standard motor with a sports emblem garputala this type should be changed to a style of touring.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Modifying Honda Become R6 Streetfighter

Honda Tiger to R6 Streetfighter
Modifying Honda Become R6 Streetfighter-After the vacuum for a year, Custom Auto Rexindo (RAC) reappeared on the scene modification motorcycle. Home modifications from Yogyakarta shows his work through Arfan's Honda Tiger  of Bradford (Central Java) is transformed into a Yamaha R6 streetfighter model.

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Present Ducati Monster 796 2011 Street Fighter

Ducati Monster 796 Streetfighter
Ducati Monster 796 2011 Street Fighter

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati, again introduced the Monster labeled 796 family level that is projected as a 2011 model. The addition of this line-up combines ease of driving or user friendly than the Ducati Monster 696 with a sporty character of the Ducati Monster 1100.

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Scorpio R6 StreetFighter: Character Adjustments

Yamaha Scorpio Streetfighter Modification
Scorpio R6 StreetFighter Sportbike-Wishing to appear different from most StreetFighter style modifications that merely has a design slightly rounded at its corners, Yamaha Scorpio 2008 finally made with the design and the corners more taper to impress more assertive and sportier. Work on a slick with a customized selection of draft modifications to the owner desires and ideas of the modifier, making it look more fierce Scorpio and sporty.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Suzuki Thunder 250 Modified to StreetFighter Style

Modifications to Suzuki Thunder 250 Berry’s production in 2005 was not an extreme Artha BJG. However, in order to get the results as a desire, namely streetfighter style, he was handed the motor that has long been stored in the warehouse to the 4 home modifications.

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