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Suzuki Thunder 250 Modified to StreetFighter Style

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Modifications to Suzuki Thunder 250 Berry’s production in 2005 was not an extreme Artha BJG. However, in order to get the results as a desire, namely streetfighter style, he was handed the motor that has long been stored in the warehouse to the 4 home modifications.

Suzuki Thunder 250 Modified to StreetFighter StyleFor example, the concept and painting taken by the House of Car ‘E’ My Design. The affairs of the legs, ranging from installation to the form of detailed, worked out by the Auto 66. Body and other affairs entrusted to Techtonic appliances Custom, and there are several variations arranged by Steep Motor Cycle.

Berry admitted that the work long enough between the 3rd and 4th months. Nevertheless, in the motor overhaul, the owner of the residents Dongkelan, Bantul, Yogyakarta, was not indiscriminate in the use of components. For example, front and rear shock absorbers picked from the Suzuki GSX-R600 GSX400 and plus arm swing of the GSX400.

Suzuki Thunder 250 Modified to StreetFighter Style
Although appearing streetfighter, classic touches are also provided on the motor is 250 cc engine capacity. Take a look also footrests. This section is not aftermarket products, but rather the work of artists Gudeg City.

“By the creator, this footrest Type R & Co named for Rear. This product is not sold freely,” said Berry. In fact, the footrests are made of not more than 10 pairs per series. To get it, applicants should first message.

Source: http://www.business-harryseenthing.info/2010/05/modifikasi-suzuki-thunder-streetfighter

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