Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trend-style modification motorcycle streetfighter

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Streetfighter motorcycle trend in recent years in vogue lovers modification. Streetfighter style was started in and replace a sport since 2007. This motor type can be seen from the suspension, alloy wheels, and wheels (legs) are all great. The difference with existing motor sport on the fairing removed and showing the frame and engine are solid.

Streetfighter motorcycle trend-Some of the major motor manufacturers such as Ducati, Yamaha, or Honda each issuing its own type of Streetfighter. Of the type in question is that was a big cc or commonly called motor gede (moge). But that does not mean the little cc of motorcycles were the usual Indonesia, passing by on the street can not be "transformed" into Streetfifgter.

The motor is usually converted into a Streetfighter-style by the owner. In Indonesia motorcycles modified are generally  Honda motor sport like Tiger, Honda Mega Pro, Yamaha Scorpio, or Yamaha ViXion, or Suzuki Thunder 125. Reference usually Ducati motorcycles. The first part should be changed is the tires and wheels pengantian be super wide.

Streetfighter motorcycle trend
After that, turn to large-diameter brake discs fitted to replace the old. This was done so that the front braking device back into a match with big wheels and tires. Muffler was replaced with an appropriate. While the tank and the body can maintain the original form. Although there were also unsatisfied and choose to form their own body. To be more cute, handlebars also replaced the broad model. Streetfighter motorcycle trend

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