Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mission R-Sexiest Electric Motorcycle

Still remember with the world's fastest electric motorcycle, Mission One? The motor now has another version for the race. Named Mission R, this bike is more muscular and sexy than previous versions.

Compared to the standard version, Mission R faster. Mission R has a topspeed 257 km per hour sedangan Misson One has a topspeed 241 km per hour.
Mission R
Mission R
As reported by the official website of Mission motors, on Monday (27/12/2010) electric motor power produced by the manufacturer of U.S. origin is possible thanks to the powerful 141 bhp engine liquid-cooled 3-phase AC induction motor. This motor produces torque 115ftlb. Motors smaller than the engine capacity of 600 cc sport bike. Increasingly sophisticated again, all data can be accessed from the motor bike through a WiFi or 3G connection.

MotoGP-style display visible thanks to the use of chrome and billet aluminum frame. Ohlins fork using FGR-000 TTX25 while peleknya use of Marchesini magnesium rims.

Can not wait to see it? Just look at the IOM TT races TTXGP and Zero next year.
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Supermoto Husqvarna TE 250 Ready to Come

Indonesian motorcycle market in 2011 will certainly crowded. For the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Husqvarna will certainly bring new models of supermoto, TE 250 in semester two 2011.

Enduro motorcycle that will be taken later will experience some significant changes, though not like the addition of a hand guard and applications CDI 2 modes.

"This is for the enduro version. If the racing version, the model year 2011 has been used injection replaced the carburetor as this year," said the representative of PT Husqvarna Indonesia, Aep Dadang to detikOto, Friday (31/12/2010).

Aep further holding Husqvarna motorcycle sales in the territory of western Indonesia, including Java, Sumatra and Kalimantan is said motor-bike when it has the ability to bulldoze all terrain capable.

Moreover, this bike brings four-stroke engine, single cylinder, DOHC that has a relatively high compression ratio, 12,9:1. No doubt, the engine is mated to a six-speed manual transmission is also able to provide sensation to the rider.

"If for the price not yet know. Because it is still long," The Crosser said this when we asked the possibility of a national sales price Husqivarna TE 250.

But as an illustration, Husqvarna 2010 model year at this time priced at Rp 97.5 million. In addition to TE 250, Husqvarna PT Indonesia also provides a model of TE with a smaller engine capacity ie 125 cc.

For Husqvarna TE 125 prices USD 66.5 million.
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