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Scorpio R6 StreetFighter: Character Adjustments

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Yamaha Scorpio Streetfighter Modification
Scorpio R6 StreetFighter Sportbike-Wishing to appear different from most StreetFighter style modifications that merely has a design slightly rounded at its corners, Yamaha Scorpio 2008 finally made with the design and the corners more taper to impress more assertive and sportier. Work on a slick with a customized selection of draft modifications to the owner desires and ideas of the modifier, making it look more fierce Scorpio and sporty.

Scorpio R6 StreetFighter Sportbike-Is Faisal, the owner of the Scorpio with modifications taking R6 StreetFighter base. Youth Cibubur, East Jakarta residents are now being educated in the pilot schools Halim, asserted that his desire modified to StreetFighter style that not always have disan rounded at the corners.

"His intentions were indeed wanted StreetFighter modifications style, but not with a design that is always rounded at the corners, I like that look more pointed," explained the young candidate for this pilot.

The builder who is also skipper Tauco Custom, Topo Goedel Atmodjo in Jl.Kebagusan Jagakarsa Raya no.99, Jakarta Selatan, adopted a similar design of aircraft cockpit because look at the background of the owner of the motor. This is done to give a different impression Topo sesui what is expected of the owner of the motor.
Yamaha Streetfighter

"What a coincidence that a bike is a pilot school in her childhood hobby Halim and whose names are very similar jet, so we took the concept slightly grazed design modifications to aircraft cockpit," said skipper Tauco this Custom.

"We can see from the design of the stern, which was made more pointed and made fashionable the scope of water like a jet plane, the part is designed to further emphasize the characters that have this bike as a pilot," added Topo.
Engine Guard

To help impress on the ferocious front view, head lamp owned Honda CS1 be an option with a blanket lampholder Tauco Custom design results.

Scorpio R6 StreetFighter SportbikeSector in the legs, Topo combines 17-inch diameter wheel Power Deli Tire 110/70-17 tires for front and 140/70-17 for rear. While for the rear brake, disc brake placed in Scorpio is owned Suzuki Satria FU 150.

To adjust the display to make it look more muscular, skipper Tauco Custom swing arm to apply from Kwangen Custom Product.

Data Specifications 2008 Yamaha Scorpio Z StreetFighters
  • Head Lamp: Honda CS 1
  • Future Shock: Kwangen Custom Product
  • Speedo Meter: Digital Kaso
  • Foot - PAG: Yoshimura
  • Stop Lamp: Shogun 125 SP
  • Swing Arm: Custom Product Kwangen
  • Wheels and tires Front: Power / Deli Tire 110-70/17
  • Wheels and Tires Rear: Power / Deli Tire 140-70/17
  • Rear Brake Disck: Suzuki Satria FU 150
  • Exhaust: Custom Product Kwangen
  • Body Kits: Galvanic Plate 0.8 mm
  • Workshop: Custom Tauco Jagakarsa Jl.Kebagusan Raya no.99, Jakarta Selatan
Scorpio R6 StreetFighter SportbikeTranslated from:gilamotor

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